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Model 300 Series

Battery-Powered Lubricators…
Our most proven design.

Our unique solenoid drive allows unequalled performance from a small package, with extreme simplicity.

Model 700 Series

24 Volt DC Electric-Powered Lubricators
Our most modern design.

This new series utilizes our proven pump stem design for years of reliable service with simplified maintenance.

Model 800 Series

Electric-Powered Lubricators
Efficient for any application.

Our unique cam drive allows unequalled performance from a small package, with extreme simplicity.

About E-Power Remote

From the early 1960’s designs of the Orbit Pump Company, EPIC emerged with powerful solenoid-driven, battery-powered lubrication pumps for use in the oil and gas fields of west Texas. EPIC was purchased by LubeCon Maintenance Systems, Inc. in 1985, and moved to Camden, MI, where product and market development were expanded. With its headquarters in Fremont, MI, a manufacturing operation in Fremont, IN, and its Engineering and Test Center, including the EPIC production in Camden, LubeCon consolidated to new facilities in White Cloud, MI. To reflect its unique capabilities, EPIC was renamed E-Power Remote, Ltd. when it was purchased by retiring LubeCon founder L.G. ‘Buck’ Myers in 2005.

Today, E-Power maintains its position as the leader in electric-powered grease pump design and production. The traditional solenoid-driven 300-series remains the most powerful battery-powered lubricator available. The more modern designs of the 700-series 24-volt DC-powered, and the 800-series AC-powered pumps are found in automatic lube systems around the world.

E-Power Remote proudly
designs, engineers & manufacturers
all of its equipment in the U.S.A.

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